Paul® Glaucoma Implant

The PAUL® Glaucoma Implant is a glaucoma drainage device designed to treat glaucoma by regulating intraocular pressure in the patient’s eye and preventing further progression of the disease. The device is constructed entirely from medical implantable grade silicone. This device has a length of 44.9mm, width of 23mm and an extraocular plate surface area of 342.1mm2.

This product is designed for implantation in patients with medically uncontrollable glaucoma and poor surgical outcomes. This includes but is not limited to: neovascular glaucoma, aphakic/pseudophakic glaucoma, patients who have failed conventional surgery, congenital glaucoma and secondary glaucoma due to uveitis, epithelial downgrowth, etc.

Implant The Paul® Glaucoma Implant Using The ‘Paul® Stability System’

Implant the device in one eye quadrant between 8.1/2 and 10.1/2mm from the limbus. When inserting the plate under conjunctiva, cover the plate with a layer of collagen material from end to end. After inserting the implant tube and suturing the tube and plate to the eye, close the conjunctiva and inject a second layer (comprising recommended viscoelastic substance) over the top of the collagen, under the conjunctiva.