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Effective IOP Control

Intraocular Pressure (IOP) Trend from pilot study of PAUL® Glaucoma Implant at National University Hospital Singapore 2017-20181

Implantation of PAUL® Glaucoma Implant using PAUL® Stability System

Implant the device in one eye quadrant between 8.1/2 and 10.1/2mm from the limbus. When inserting the plate under conjunctiva, cover the plate with a layer of collagen material from end to end. After inserting the implant tube and suturing the tube and plate to the eye, close the conjunctiva and inject a second layer (comprising recommended viscoelastic substance) over the top of the collagen, under the conjunctiva.

Implantation of PAUL® Glaucoma Implant by Prof Keith Barton

Micro-Sized Internal Diameter Tube (mm) Comparison Table

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