About Us

Advanced Ophthalmic Innovations Pte Ltd (AOI) is a research and development innovation organisation with a heart. Our mission is to develop long-term effective solutions to prevent Glaucoma patients from losing their eyesight. The solution should be accessible and affordable to patients around the world.

We are serious in our work, because patients depend on us to develop the best solution, taking into consideration production cost, technology, and affordability.

We will be rolling out our flagship product – Paul® Glaucoma Implant-in the first quarter of 2017.

Product Quality

The design, development and manufacturing process of Paul® Glaucoma Implant adhere closely to the ISO 13485 standards, making sure that device harmonises with the medical device regulatory requirements for quality management systems. We are also preparing to take the next step for the device to attain the CE Mark Certification, which is awarded to products of organisations, which have meet specific standard of performance, quality, safety, and efficacy.

Our raw materials are imported from ISO13485-certified companies in the U.S and Europe, and the device is manufactured in Singapore.